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Friday, 23 January 2009

Otolaryngology is a huge speciality. If you are non-medical and have a question , you can post it right away. For medical people, there are some important points that i would like to talk about:
"what are the other names for the following ENT terms?"
1. Otosclerosis ----------->Otospongiosis, Ankylosis of footplate of stapes
2. Secretory otitis media ----------->Otitis media with effusion , Glue ear
3. Bell's palsy ----------->Idiopathic facial paralysis
4. Meniere's disease ----------->Endolymphatic hydrops

There are some anatomical terms involving the middle ear as:
Processus cochleariformis , sinus tympani , pyramidal eminence. These terms are of great importance during the study of the middle ear.

When talking about the larynx , firstly its nerve supply should be known:
The vagus nerve gives 2 branches :
1. Superior laryngeal nerve :divides into 2 branches :
a. External laryngeal nerve : supplies motor fibres to the CRICOTHYROID muscle.
b. Internal laryngeal nerve : supplies sensory fibres to the laryngeal mucosa above the level of the vocal folds.
2. Recurrent laryngeal nerve : a. supplies motor fibres to ALL MUSCLES OF THE LARYNX except the cricothyroid. b. supplies sensory fibres to the laryngeal mucosa at and below the level of the vocal folds.

Regarding the inner ear anatomy , it is a bit complicated but it is beautiful.
The inner ear, labyrinth, consists of a bony labyrinth and a membranous labyrinth . the membranous labyrinth lies inside the bony labyrinth .

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