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Normal labour (process of childbirth), Pics included

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Have you ever wondered about the process of childbirth ? Actually it is complex, that's why i decided to bring it in pics.

Note: the following pics are from William's Gynecology, 23rd edition

Head floating (before engagement):

Engagement of the head:

Internal rotation and descent:

Complete rotation and beginning extension of the head:

Complete extension:

Restitution (external rotation):

Delivery of the anterior shoulder:

Delivery of the posterior shoulder:

I hope these images were helpful to you in illustrating the details of labor.


  1. You said that implantation bleeding shouldn't be heavy. But I'm really thinking I'm pregnant but I don't want to spend my money on a pregnancy test if it's just going to come out negative.
    Is it possible for it to be heavy??
    If it is, is that bad?
    Could I still be pregnant if it was a lot like my period?

  2. Hi Shannon,

    Implantation bleeding should not be as a normal period. It should be like a spotting or a pink/brown discharge. If this is your period then no way you would be pregnant.

  3. It wasn't at all like my period, it was a lot shorter, and thinner...

  4. Then you can be pregnant. There are other signs to confirm it like missing your next period and feeling of nausea and vomiting

  5. I feel really sick in the mornings, and my stomach hurts throughout the day. I haven't vomited or anything along those lines. The last time I had sex was the 13th and I got my "period" on the 15th.

  6. Was sex unprotected ? The period that came after the 13th sex means that there is no pregnancy

  7. Yeah, it's always unprotected. And that's the odd period I was telling you about!

  8. Ok, i has one question to clarify things. i will rephrase what i got and correct me if iam wrong. You had an unprotected sex at 13th. At 15th you got a period that was not like your normal period. It was lighter and shorter.
    Right ?

    For how long did you have unprotected sex ?

  9. yes, and I'm not sure how to answer that, the sex lasted about an hour and a half, we've been having unprotected sex for four months

  10. Ok, you can be pregnant now. There is no way to confirm that except by doing a pregnancy test. If you did not get your next period, then this will increase the probability that you are pregnant

  11. Thanks for your help. If I have anymore questions can I just come here and ask you?

  12. Yes of course you can come here at anytime and ask any question

    Best wishes :)

  13. What should I do to get a pregnancy test without my family knowing?

  14. There are pregnancy kits that are available at drugs stores and pharmacies. You can buy one and have the test

  15. Thank you... If it comes out positive, how do I tell my boyfriend? He wants a baby so he'll be excited, but we're also not exactly financially stable..

  16. If he is ready for it, then he will be glad to know about it. Don't worry about the financial status. This is a nice thing for both of you (to have your first cute baby) so enjoy it

    First make sure that you are really pregnant

    You welcome

  17. Is cramping very badly at night a sign of pregnancy??

  18. Cramping can be a sign of early pregnancy. It occurs as the uterus prepares to be expanded by the growing baby

  19. What are some other common/not common symptoms?

  20. I will tell you the most common symptoms of early pregnancy:

    - Morning sickness
    - Breast tenderness
    - Fatique
    - Frequent urination
    - Headaches

  21. I've used the restroom 3 times in the past hour, is that a symptom of pregnancy??
    My period is due next week.

  22. It can be a symptom in early pregnancy. However it is non-specific and needs to confirmed by a pregnancy test. Frequency of urination can be also a symptom of urinary tract infection

  23. reference,http://www.fao.org/docrep/x0560e/x0560e10.htm choose the MAJOR fermentation products for Leuconostoc and Lactobacillus species (including homofermenter and heterofermenters)? (choose all that are correct
    * A.lactic acid
    * B.ethanol
    * D.carbon dioxide

    Now I chose all but C, and im not shure if im not looking into it enough Just thought I would get a second opinion your help would be awesome and thank you

  24. Hello Austin,
    Lactic acid is the only major fermentation product of both species. You will find it under the title "Lactic acid fermentation".


  25. Thank You so much,

  26. Now is this the right spot to post to or do you prefer another

  27. You welcome Austin.

    If you have any questions, you can email to: adm_icare@yahoo.com

    Or you can post it in the following topic:

  28. HEY!

    i have a question, my doctor really dosnt keep me in the light when it comes to anything, im 34 weeks pregnant and im not sure if my baby is developing as should be.

    im 19 years old and my starting weight was 136, im now at 172, im carrying very low and i just feel like my doctor rushes me out. i have no idea what my uterus measurements are, also he refuses to do another ultrasound, ive only had two, how can i go around it to get another ultrasound from somewhere else but keep him as my ob, because of the hospital i want to Deliver at?

  29. Hello,

    Ask your doctor to give you the exact measurements of your previous visits.
    You can have an ultrasonography at a second doctor to check that everything is fine.


  30. Hello,

    I'm a professor in nursing and i'm looking for real good pictures of the different cardinal movements of labor and the pictures in your blog are the best there is. i was hoping if you could upload the 7th movement (the one that was removed) or if you could send it to my email address narsabi.mendoza@yahoo.com

    i would really appreciate it.

    thank you very much and more power

  31. Sure, i will email it to you.




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