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Breast Cancer (to both women and men)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

A great active member , Tricia Connolly, had brought to my notice a list of important guidelines that you should be aware of.

Recent studies involving prevention and treatment of breast cancer are becoming more advanced. It came out with new guidelines for both men and women. 
"Ladies first":
Breast cancer is hard to be diagnosed in women less than 40 years old due to a greater breast mass when compared to that in older women. So all those under 40 years, if you feel a breast lump or have a bloody discharge from your nipple or there is a change in the skin of the breast like dimpling or observe a skin colour change,
then see your Gynecologist as soon as possible. 

The good news is that death rates from breast cancer is declining which is related to many factors like better awareness of women, better medical care and improved ways of treatment. 

And if you know a friend with breast cancer then better get her the following advices:

1. Reduce stress as much as possible. Studies proved that patients who have sessions with a psychologist (to learn how to reduce stress) lived longer with a better quality of life

2. Eat peaches and plums. Extracts used in laboratories where effective against most aggressive breast cancers cells. This benefit is said to be due to presence of two phenolic compounds (chlorogenic and neochlorogenic). They are present in most fruits but are present in a higher concentration in peaches and plums.

And for men:
Take care, because for every 100 women diagnosed with breast cancer there is 1 affected male with it. 

Note that breast cancer in men is much aggressive than women. This is because there is less breast tissue in men which will be easily infiltrated by cancer cells. That's why it is more fatal in men than in women. 

It is so important to self examine yourself regularly and thoroughly and check for any lumps or swelling in the skin of the breast.

Last but not least, i would like to thank Tricia Connolly for her helpful contribution.

Feel free to post any question you have 

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