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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Fibromyalgia is defined as pain for more than three months both above and below the waist. The more accurate name for this condition is Chronic widespread pain. It is a diagnosis of exclusion when the doctor does not identify an obvious cause for the pain.
An important feature of diagnosis is tender trigger points. Besides, usually the patient is a female. It can occur at any age but is increasingly recognized in teenagers.
The tender points are illustrated in the following diagram:
 For the diagnosis to be made, 11 of the 18 points must be tender on digital palpation.
Skin rolling tenderness (A) and reactive hyperemia (B) in fibromyalgia
(From Hochberg MC, Silman AJ, Smolen JS, et al [eds]: Rheumatology, 3rd ed. St Louis, Mosby, 2003.)
1. The number one symptoms is Pain that has no boundaries. Pain can have variable character from one individual to another. Pain can be deep aching, throbbing, shooting, stabbing or intense burning.

2. Fatique: patients can feel that their arms and legs are weighted down by heavy blocks. Besides they feel that their bodies are out of energy.

3. Sleeping disturbances: as insomnia . This can cause difficult concentration and memory problems.

4. Other associated problems as irritable bowel syndrome, depression, pre-menstrual syndrome, tension headache,
Restless leg syndrome

What can aggravate fibromyalgia ?
Flare-ups can be caused by a change in the weather, cold environment, stress, depression, over-exertion, pre-menopausal and menopausal states. 

Now an important question arises, What is the treatment of such condition ?

Unfortunately there is no definitive treatment for it but the current practice is to use analgesics to reduce pain. Besides, patients who suffer from depression should have an anti-depressant (and avoiding the potentially addictive anxiolytic agents).
Trigger points can be injected with a local anaesthetic or corticosteroids. Acupuncture can be helpful in some cases.

Other options include:
- Physiotherapy
- Diet: adding some components can be of great help in fibromyalgia as Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, B complex vitamins, vitamin D, magnesium.

- Exercise: can help a lot with the reduction of pain and giving the sensation of being active.
- Mind-awareness practices: as yoga and breathing exercises. These can help in decreasing the intensity of pain. 

A new study showed that yoga is now being evaluated as a suitable treatment for fibromyalgia as it proved that it can improve the symptoms in many patients. For more details about the study: Click Here  

I would like to thank you for reading it and i hope you benefited from this article. Please share this article as we need to raise the awareness for this condition and maybe help the patients with new treatment options. 



  2. You welcome, iam glad you enjoyed reading it.

  3. it is really very informative article.
    thank you!

  4. You welcome. Share and spread it because many people need more awareness about it.

  5. I get this since i was about 12 years old & now i'm 42!! They did not know for years what it was. I was told it was growing pains then i was told its my age & getting older!!! finally in my 30's they called it this. Some doc's say does not effect joints & others say it does. I say it does & it effects everything. I find being rubbed roughly on my back or with rough warm towels is good. It is painful but it is relieving at same time. Maybe because it gives me something else to think about i don't know. We are all different. Sometimes i can't stand to be touched. Or find walking hard etc. but i push myself to do things because sitting or laying still makes worse & ceases up everything. This is a good article Dr Ahmad & a lot of people will be greatful Thanks :-)

  6. Iam glad you posted your story in here. Iam optimistic that a cure will come up for this awful condition.
    Please use a nickname so that i can know who are the regular visitors.

  7. Very good and informative article!
    Thank you!

  8. You welcome Yasmin. Iam glad it benefited you.

  9. I believed Ive had this for years too,as several blood test over the years proved negative,Ive only just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 41 years old this year (2010)!! Its very painful,with deep aching and throbbing pains all over i also get the deep burning stinging pains in my legs,shoulders.My hips and knees hurt too and My mobility is the worse,i use a crutch to walk as my legs get very tired and heavy and have to stop several times when walking,,like my arms,i cant lift heavy pots or pans,open packets.its affected my life incredibly.|I now have a disabled badge but been turned down for diability allowence which i am appealing against.Just want people to understand how painful it is and how tired we get,I cant stand people knocking into me as the pain seems to last longer! also the other symptoms i have is IBS,I hate strong lights and often wear sun glasses,Ive tried physio but was too painful.I take Amitriptyline at night and various pain killers throughout the day.change in weather affects me loads esp the cold! Its very difficult to manage and after a while you get used to the pain and take it as every day part of your life..

  10. Thank you for sharing your experience with us concerning this awful condition. I beleive that the solution will come up after more research. I hope it will happen soon.
    Please talk about it and share it with others as this helps in relieving the emotional pain.

  11. This artical is very useful and informative and will be of use for familys of people with fibromyalgia.
    I've suffered with widespread pain for many years but was only diognoised in 2007 after a 300 mile move so changing GP. I had been treated for arthrits for many years and would have probley have continued to if id not moved

  12. I am glad you found it useful. Unfortunately, many people are undiagnosed. That's why i always do my best to reflect some light upon conditions that can be misdiagnosed.
    Best wishes

  13. karen
    i have recently been told i probably have fibromyalga . i have been tested for lupus , but consultants are now saying its probably this condition , im not a depressed person , have a very happy positive outlook , but have a lot of other health issues ie chrones disease , peri anal chrones , had breast cancer 4 yrs ago . heart disease , and osteoporosis . have been told fibromyalga is a name docs give to someone that they dont know whats wrong with them . i know for the last 2 years i have a lot more pain and my mobility is very very poor , having to rely on my wheelchair more often as i find it very hard to walk , glad to read up on the condition , very good artical thankyou xx

  14. I am glad you benefited from it.

    Best wishes



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