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How to quit smoking ?

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Quitting smoking can be a pretty hard. Smoking is a habit easy-to-do but hard-to-leave. Many are struggling to quit and they fail to do so. 

Usually it takes more than one try so that a person can quit completely. Lets talk first about the dangers to smoking then we will discuss ways for quitting. 

Why do you need to quit smoking ?
Because it increases your risk of getting coronary artery diseases, heart attacks and atherosclerosis. Smoking can kill. Besides it is carcinogenic and can help in occurrence of certain cancers as lung cancer.
When you quit for a year, the increased risk of coronary artery diseases gets reduced by half. And after 15 years, the risk falls to be same as a non-smoker.

Quitting smoking is an easy job only if you follow these points with the same order:

  • Admit the benefits of quitting and make sure that you are convinced that your life and health will be better when you do so. 
  • Throw away your cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays.
  • Avoid any contact with friends who smoke or encourage you to do so.
  • Tell everybody about it. Tell your family, friends and colleagues that you are quitting.
  • Be well determined. It is normal that you wont be able to quit from the first try so it may need a few chances and you must have the determination for it.
  • Exercise your favourite sport.

  • Choose a quitting strategy:
 You may need to use a nicotine replacement therapy so that your body gets its daily needs of nicotine. The methods include nicotine patch, gums or spray.However i recommend that you stop it gradually.
  • It will be better to try chewing sugarless gums as it can help reduce the urge to smoke or use tobacco.
  • If you fail to quit, seek help from a doctor. Drugs as Bupropion and Varenicline can help a lot people who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day.
Remember that you will feel different after you quit. And you will feel the results soon. 

Encourage others to quit and seek help from doctors if they can't do that by themselves because smoking kills.
I hope you benefited from this article. If you are a smoker, good luck with your quitting plan. And if you are a non-smoker, keep it up.

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